Taste Testing Tuesday – #18 – Scrambled Egg Toppings

Aaaaaand here we go with Taste Testing Tuesday #18! Let’s take a look at toppings you can put on scrambled eggs to make them more appealing. Plain scrambled eggs can be quite tasty, but you have to admit, to a kid, they look pretty boring. Here are some ideas of ways to snazz them up a bit! (Is ‘snazz’ a word? Another form of snazzy?) I started out making a batch of scrambled eggs and then dividing them into 6 small sections on a big plate.

See what I mean? Boorrrrriiiiiing! Add a few toppings and check out the difference!

NOW we’re talking! Remember to grab a piece of paper and make a fun chart of your preferences on each kind of scrambled egg. Add a smiley if you like it, a straight mouth if its just ok, and a frown if it’s a “no, thanks!”. Let’s take a look at what we have here…

#1.) Ketchup. This was my favorite way to eat scrambled eggs when I was a kid and even for a long time after I became an adult. Now some of our grandkids eat eggs this way.

#2.) A little sour cream and some herbs…I used our own homegrown and dried parsley.

#3.) Pieces of crumbled cooked bacon. Mmmm! Who doesn’t like eggs and bacon together? (Yea, I know there have to be some people that don’t like eggs and bacon, but that’s just…weird. 😉 )

#4.) Avocado. Did you know that avocados are actually fruit? Yep, that’s what Webster says.

#5.) Grated cheese. This is grated mild cheddar but there are lots of other kinds of cheese you could sprinkle on top. A cheese you already know your child likes might be a good place to start.

#6.) Salsa. Are you kids fans of Mexican type foods or do they love tacos? If so, a little salsa on their scrambled eggs might be a great way to go.

As usual with our taste tests, there are LOTS of others ways besides the ones I’ve mentioned. A few more suggestions would be browned onion and garlic pieces, fresh tomatoes, parmesan cheese, cooked up sweet pepper pieces or even adding 2 or more of the ingredients we’ve used here. For example, what if you used avocado, sour cream, cheese and salsa together? We have a grandson who LOVES adding Kansas City Rub spices to his scrambled eggs. (We buy that at a Cabelas store…not an affiliate.)

Are you still striking out getting your kids to eat scrambled eggs? Then it might be time to bring out the big guns…put some cookie/cake sprinkles on them! Haha! Sprinkles make everything taste better! 🙂 I hope these ideas have helped you and I wish you luck on your eating adventures!

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