Taste Testing Tuesday #47 – Fruit Snacks

One thing that most kids seem to like is fruit snacks! They come in many different brands, shapes and flavors. So which one tastes the best? We need to do a Taste Test to find out! For today’s Taste Testing Tuesday, we tried the Great Value Organic Fruit Smiles.

These come in 3 flavors…strawberry, raspberry and cherry.

And just look how cute they are! 🙂 It’s food that smiles back at you!

#1.) Strawberry. This flavor is the lightest colored one in the package.

#2.) Raspberry. Raspberry are the medium colored ones.

#3.) Cherry. The cherry ones are the darkest color.

Make sure everyone has at least one of each color/flavor. You might need to do a little swapping of flavors because each little package is not exactly the same as the next one. We had 3 of each flavor for each person.

Make a quick and simple chart so you can record what each person thinks of each flavor. Something like this chart works well.

Write each person’s name down the left side and the names of each flavor across the boxes at the top.

As each person does a taste test on each flavor, have them draw a face in the corresponding box. A smiling face means “Yum!”. And straight face means “It’s ok”. And a frowning face means “No thanks!”. Here is how our taste test went at our house:

Can you tell who liked the fruit snacks? And who didn’t like them? (Yea, Rick is not really a fan of fruit snacks.) 😉 I wonder what brand and flavors and shapes your fruit snacks will be? I hope you find your favorite! 🙂

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