12 Virtual Museum Tours for Kids

I came across this post with links to some really cool looking virtual museum tours for kids and I wanted to share them with you.


Some look more interesting than others, but there are 12 to choose from! 😉 Here are a couple that look great to me:

Boston Children’s Museum

virtual musuem tours for kids bostons childrens museum


Monterey Bay Aquarium

what is tamari monterey bay aquarium

This one has 9 live cams where you can watch some really cool creatures!


NASA Glenn Research Center

virtual musuem tours for kids nasa

If your kids have any interest in space, I think they will find this site fascinating!


Hubble Space Telescope

3 bright, blue-white stars at upper left mark the beginning of a bright and dusty reddish-brown, orange, and white "comma" shaped cloud of gas and dust that curves across the top of the image.

There’s lots of information here all about the Hubble Space Telescope! And some amazing pictures!


I think you’ll find these sites very interesting and educational. And you don’t have to leave home to see them! 😉

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