Day #7 – Lego Advent Calendar

We’re back and ready to open the next door on our Lego Friends Advent Calendar!

Ready or not, here we go!

So, yea, I don’t think any of the pictures inside the doors are going to match the sets inside the box. I asked my daughter and grandson today if his match because he has a different type of Lego advent calendar, and that one doesn’t match either. So I guess that’s how they are! Lol 😉 My grandson had an excellent attitude about it. He is just going to wait to build the set until the picture shows up on one of the doors. 🙂 Great plan!

Here are today’s pieces…

They go with the picture from Day #3. 😉

And here it is! A super cute popcorn stand!

Our scene is growing! 🙂

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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