Another New (to me) Kind of Crayons

As you might know if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I like to keep an eye out for new kinds of Crayola crayons. Today I found another kind that I haven’t seen before and I had to get some. 😉 They are the Crayola Bold & Bright Construction Paper Crayons. (Love the box!)

Take a peek inside the box…

Here’s the lineup:

And a closer look at those amazing colors!

Here’s the description from the Crayola website: “Crayola Bold & Bright Construction Paper Crayons make coloring on colored craft paper a breeze! Kids will love finally seeing their works of art pop, no matter what backdrop they choose. This set of art tools features 24 vibrant, creamy crayons in both primary and secondary colors. Bold and bright tones give children a rainbow of hues to choose from. Unique formula produces extra bold results, these crayons appear on construction paper, paper bags, cardboard, and more! Pair with a pack of Crayola Construction Paper (sold separately) for a great bundled gift for kids. Safe and nontoxic, ideal for ages 3 and up.”

Just to compare the Construction Paper crayons to the Classic crayons, take a look at these. (Sorry, some of my Classic crayons are well loved and used!) Classic on the top row and Construction Paper on the bottom row…matching up the crayon colors with the same name.

Here is a comparison sample of those 6 crayon pairs on a piece of blue construction paper.

I’m not sure if the picture shows the difference very well or not, but the Construction Paper crayons have great color and a smooth feel when you use them. I’m a new fan of the Construction Paper crayons and look forward to spending some quality time with them! 😉

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