Day #3 – Lego Advent Calendar

Hello again! It’s day #3 for opening doors on our Lego Friends Advent Calendar! Are you ready? I spy door #3! 🙂

It’s time to peek inside!

I have to admit again that the picture on the inside of the door has me stumped. That item isn’t made by the pieces inside door #3. Hmm…but pressing on…here are the pieces that ARE inside.

I think I see 2 pieces that look like hot dogs? After looking at the box, I didn’t see anything that looked like it would be made using these pieces. But I spotted a website address on the box.

I went to my computer and looked up the address. I typed in Lego Friends advent calendar and it brought up this set. One of the pictures shows all the little sets included in this advent calendar. (But it’s easy to see ALL of the sets so maybe just have mom and dad look for the kids so the surprise isn’t spoiled.) Any guesses what this might be? Yep, the hot dogs are the big clue here! It’s a cute hot dog stand! 🙂

After making the hot dog stand, I had 2 pieces left over that I’ve stored in a ziploc bag for safe keeping.

And now I’ve added set #3 to my Lego Christmas scene! 🙂

Check back tomorrow for more fun as we look behind door #4!

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