Day #12 – Lego Advent Calendar

Yes, today is day #12 of sharing our Lego Friends Advent Calendar! Wow, do you know what that means? We are half way through the advent calendar already! Christmas is coming fast! 🙂

Time to check what is behind door #12!

Let’s take a closer look at the Lego pieces.

I don’t know if you can figure out what those pieces make, but I had to go back to the internet page about the advent calendar to find out. 😉 And I’m not even sure after making it, exactly what it is! Lol Maybe you can tell me what you think it is.

The part on the right is a gift…maybe the yellow part is a gift too? Could the middle part be decorations? Or maybe a bench to sit on? I think I need your help on this one! I decided to put them close to Santa in our Christmas scene.

This advent calendar is keeping me guessing! Come back tomorrow and we’ll open another door together! 🙂

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