Lego Friends Animal Cubes

I’ve seen the cute Lego Friends Animal Cubes in the stores but I hadn’t bought one until recently when I found it on sale. These things are cute!! The little characters that come in them are girls so I suppose this toy is meant to be more for girls than boys. If you’ve wondered what all you get in a cube, I’ll show you today what came in the one I have…Stephanie’s Cat Cube.

First let me say, that each cube comes with a surprise animal. The package tells you what kind of animal it is such as a cat, but the color is a surprise until you open the little package inside. When you take the contents out of the cardboard packaging, this is what you’ll see:

The directions for building are included and when you open them up and open up the bag with the building pieces in it, this is what you have:

But you also need to open the cube because there are more things tucked inside of it.

Ready to start building? I think it helps to lay all the pieces out on the table with like colors together.

Let’s put Stephanie together first.

Follow the step-by-step directions to put the Lego pieces together. Oh, let’s open the mystery box and see what our surprise kitten looks like!

I got a tiny pink kitten! Sooo cute! πŸ™‚

There are 2 stickers that go inside your cube and you make some ears that go on the outside of the cube.

Aaaand here we are, all put together and ready to play!

There are a few extra pieces of Lego included (in case some get lost) and there are a few more stickers that you can put wherever you like.

I’ll show you where I put my extra stickers. A couple of them on the top of the cube…

And 5 on the back of the cube. Pretty cute, aren’t they?

When you are done playing and it’s time to put your cube away, you will need to take the “put together” pieces out of the slots they slide into when standing upright. If you lay them inside the cube, you will be able to close the cube with your pieces safely tucked inside.

There are a few more Lego Friends Animal cubes available to buy in stores. (And now I want them all!) The regular price seems to be close to $9.99 but there are a few on sale on Amazon (for a limited time it says!) for $8.00 and $8.50. I saw some on Ebay with higher prices so look for those at least around $10.

When looking for these animal cubes online, I found that there are also other types of the Lego Friends cubes. Such as a fashion cube, a gaming cube, a shopping cube, a soccer cube, a play cube, a swimming cube and likely a few more.

I hope this post will help you learn just what these Lego Friends Cubes are like and perhaps you’ll want to buy some for your favorite girl! (I am not affiliated with any stores that sell these. Just sharing my thoughts!) πŸ™‚

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